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5 ways to improve work order management in the workplace

This article explores 5 ways to improve work order manageent in the workplace. It discusses 5 of the best strategies for improving work order management through the use of work order software

1: Go mobile

In the current world, everyone is mobile and its critical that your work order process also be mobile. Enabling your users to have access to and be able to report and submit work orders from their iPhone or Android device will enable real-time reporting and faster action for work orders needed in the workplace.

2: Give contractors access

There's no point having the work order software as an exclusive facility manager only tool, all contractors should have access to view, add updates and close out work orders that they have completed, been assigned and are working on.

3: Give staff access

Likewise, all staff should have access to the work order software in order to see what existing tasks and work requests have been logged, the ability to log new ones and make work requests when needed and see all work order activity for their area. Traditionally, staff would report verbally to an office manager who would then log the work request. But allowing all staff the ability to access and report work orders, means they can log them in their own words and ensures that the work request is logged at all.

4: Give building owners access

The owner needs access in order to get a true feeling of the work order activity in their facility. They can then make informed decisions around improvements, budgets and other future decisions.

5: Innovate with AI

Using AI, you can leverage new technology to get instant answers on the data using natural language, be guided in decision making and have complex analysis and analytics computed for you based on the work order data you collect for your site or property portfolio

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