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Work Order System for Building Maintenance

Building maintenance involves a lot of preventative actions as well as reactive. To make life easier, a Work Work Order system can help automated and streamline the work order management process in building mantenance and building management across a property of facility portfolio.

Work Order Management across different users

Users such as tenants, building engineers, facility managers and property managers can report and submit work orders in real time and on demand.

Building Maintenance

Preventative maintenance requests for the building can be scheduled and reported via the app and online. Reactive maintenance requests can be reported and managed online and assigned to preferred contractors to action.

Work Order History

Create a full work order history for the building with a history of open and closed work orders

Preferred Contractors

Assign to a preferred contractor to action write notes, add attachments and more.

When ready to close the work order once the work has been completed, click the closed buton and it moves to teh closed work orders status and closed registry.

Try out the demo and add your building to see how a Work Order System can help improve your building maintenance.

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