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Why Building Tenants Need a Work Request System

Building tenants experience maintenance faults and need to be able to log a work request to the management to report them.

Electrical, lighting, gardening, cleaning through to property damage or repairs are just some of many different work request categories that tenants will need to log to the management for work requests.

It's important that tenants have both the means and oversight of tenant maintenance requests. A mobile app is a very popular tool for reporting work requests to the management as the tenant can take photos and capture details in real-time.

All staff at a tenant may report a work request or it may just be a representative of the tenant company who reports the work request.

Tenants in a tall sky scraper builder or spread out across a facility, in either situation, both types of tenants should have a work request system.

Being able to see what work requests have already been logged and what actions have been taken out / history also prevents duplication of work requests.

Once the work request has been logged, the facility manager or building manager may then turn the work request into a work order and assign to a preferred contractor to carry out the work request.

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Work Request System for all types of work requests

  • Car Parking Template
  • Fire Services
  • Cleaning
  • Lighting Request
  • Lost/Missing Property
  • Pests Removal/ Control
  • Plumbing Request
  • Security Requests
  • Signage Form
  • Installations Template


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