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Setup a Work Request System

Allow tenants to submit a work request online or via the app. Submit maintenance work requests online via your own work request system
Setup a tenant and building maintenance request portal using our ready to go work request system. Customise the forms, setup notifications and allow wrok requests to be logged today!

There are five logins roles that can be used


Property / Site Manager

Safety Manager


Tenant / Staff member who reports maintenance work requests

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Log in to view all reporting activity such as the owners report, contractor totals, site activity and management published documents.

Site Manager
View all maintenance work requests logged, assign jobs to contractors (both via SMS and email), view status updates on work requests, write updates, manage preventative maintenance, manage critical reminders, asset registry, add attachments and customise forms.
Manage entire portfolios or just one property / site.

Safety Manager
Integration into safety and compliance areas including Online Induction of contractors and prequalification of suppliers and vendors.

Access and receive a work request provide job updates, an expected time for completion, upload attachments, photos and update the job status.

Tenant / site contact
The tenant / site contact can log on to register work orders to the building management. Report online via a personalised work request form and submit a maintenance work request. Mobile app for reporting work requests also available.

Custom Work Request Software

One size doesn't fit all - if you have different requirements you can pdate the form in real-time to the fields you want in place.

The is one of the most innovative building maintenance systems developed and it is constantly evolving.
You can have in place a simple version of the above system or the most advanced and custom tailored version unique to your needs.

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Work Request System for all types of work requests

  • Car Parking Template
  • Fire Services
  • Cleaning
  • Lighting Request
  • Lost/Missing Property
  • Pests Removal/ Control
  • Plumbing Request
  • Security Requests
  • Signage Form
  • Installations Template


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